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OneMed Group

Region: Sweden
Sector: Healthcare

Nature of Business

OneMed is the leading medical supplies distributor in Northern Europe, serving both public and private customers with reliable, high-quality products in medical supplies, devices and equipment

OneMed is present in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway and the Baltic countries and has approximately 550 employees. Over the last few years, OneMed has consolidated its market position. Turnover has grown from approximately €150m in 2006 to nearly €350m in 2014.

Investment Overview

We led the buyout of OneMed in December 2010. Our investment represents a significant new step in OneMed’s development. It provides a platform from which to accelerate the company’s consolidation of the industry and drive operational effectiveness throughout the business. This will be achieved by driving sales force effectiveness and streamlining the country operations into one coherent business model, which will enable the business to leverage its scale in supply chain and purchasing.

OneMed will leverage our international presence and network to access new suppliers to improve supply chain management and sourcing. Our track record in healthcare, distribution and logistics will benefit OneMed’s plan to expand private label sales across Europe.

The acquisition of Bosman, a Dutch medical devices business, in 2015, provides OneMed with an attractive platform from which to enter the Dutch market. As an enlarged business, OneMed will use its experience and know-how to increase patient outcomes and attract further customer growth.

Regulatory notice: This transaction involved a recommendation of 3i Investments plc, advised by 3i Sweden.

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