Please be aware that there have been recent incidents of false employment opportunities concerning 3i having been posted on the internet or otherwise advertised.  A feature of these scams is that individuals are contacted by email by the perpetrator, who purports to be a member of 3i’s staff.  This can lead to bogus on-line interviews and a false offer of employment and, ultimately, a request that the individuals who believe they have been recruited receive and/or make certain payments.

These job advertisements and communications are fraudulent and do not originate from 3i, nor are they associated in any way with 3i or its recruitment process.

During any legitimate 3i recruitment process, you will always meet in person with a 3i employee or authorised representative for an interview before any formal offer is made.  Interviews will not be conducted via email.  You will always be asked to supply reference documentation and sign a formal contract of employment before your employment commences and your place of work will be a 3i office location, rather than a home address.  You will never be asked to receive or advance money to acquire goods or services on behalf of 3i.  Applying these criteria, it should be obvious when an advertised position is bogus.

If you come across a job advertisement online that does not appear authentic, or if you are contacted by someone purporting to offer you a job on behalf of 3i in circumstances which you do not think is legitimate, please contact  We will quickly be able to confirm the validity or otherwise of the advertisement or contact.  If it is part of the scam, it will enable us to investigate and take any appropriate action.