3i is a great place to be. Our international reach and our highly dynamic and collaborative culture make 3i an exciting place to be.

So what does it take to join 3i?

  • an international mindset,
  • ability to thrive in a multidisciplinary and challenging environment
  • a highly-focused and ambitious mindset.

We’re looking for those who are not just good but are outstanding.


We’re in business to make excellent investments and to deliver exceptional returns.

Our success depends upon the right balance of entrepreneurialism and professionalism, combined with the flair and flexibility of the investment industry. We have a strong heritage, built on a pioneering spirit, deep respect for our colleagues and a clear focus on what’s best for the future success of the business. Scale is a special characteristic of 3i. We're big in terms of our resources, our financial strength and our global reach but, with fewer than 300 people, 3i is a place with an intimate feel. It’s a company with a "one room" feel despite our diversity and geographical breadth.

Our "Best team for the job" approach, bringing together the right people from across the business for deals and projects, thrives on a culture of professionalism and respect.

Who we are

Our vision is to be recognised as a leading international investor based on the value we add to our portfolio, the returns we deliver to our investors and our responsible approach and style of investing.

Doing the right thing in the right way is imperative to us.  We aim always to be commercial and fair, to respect the needs of shareholders, investors, our people and the companies in which we invest.  Our values are to be ambitious and courageous; to work in a collaborative style – taking responsibility and maintaining our integrity at all times.

Our goals are dependent upon attracting and retaining smart people. People, who share our ambitions, thrive in our culture and will help our teams across the world to fulfil their potential. Our teams have to keep innovating and commanding respect in their market place, not just for what they do but also for the way they do it.

Career development

We spend time talking to everyone at 3i about their career. It's your responsibility to take advantage of what’s on offer and to make sure that you make the most of your time with us.

We will also challenge you, to keep developing, to keep growing with us and to keep increasing your value to the business.

3i offers a wide range of roles across the world.

We are right at the heart of an exciting and innovative industry, so there are many ways to build a career with us. Making and managing investments is just one of these.

For those in our business areas of private equity, infrastructure and debt management, making deals happen, working with inspiring management teams trying to change their markets and building significant value is a challenging job.  Success requires a wide range of skills, including very good judgment and excellent interpersonal skills. 

In other roles across the company you will be working in a very active way, in partnership and as part of a dynamic team driven by a strong desire to succeed to ensure 3i continues to be recognised as a leading international investor.

In short 3i offers a compelling range of experience, engagement, variety and reward and the opportunity to work with inspiring people.

View a list of all our current positions

Application process

We keep applicants for current vacancies informed of their progress by email.

Our selection process varies by position and team. However, short-listed candidates can expect to have at least two interviews. For some positions and teams, selection may involve participation in an assessment centre or the completion of tests applicable to your position. If this is the case, we will let you know at the outset.

Want to send us your CV? To fill out a general application form click here.

Equal Opportunities

3i is committed to ensuring that all 3i job applicants, employees, and contract workers are treated fairly and are offered equal opportunity in selection, training, career development, promotion and remuneration in accordance with applicable local employment laws.

3i’s goal is to recruit, promote and reward on the basis of merit, ability and performance and to treat each other with respect without regard to legally protected status.

Our aim is to ensure that:

  • we have access to the widest labour market and secure the best employees to support our business goals
  • people are selected, promoted and treated equally, enabling us to maximise potential to the benefit of individuals and 3i
  • we have employment procedures and practices which do not discriminate on grounds of age, gender, marital status, gender reassignment, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or religious belief, trade union membership, disability, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected category
  • we treat all those with whom we come into contact with respect
  • we meet our statutory obligations regarding employment legislation and adopt best practice where appropriate
  • we communicate the Equal Opportunities Policy and responsibilities for achieving fairness and equality; and
  • senior managers understand their responsibility in enforcing this policy and we all share responsibility for upholding it.

Applications have now closed for our 2015 Graduate Programme but will open on 1 September 2015 for our 2016 Graduate Programme. We will be attending the careers fairs at the following universities:

  • 30 September 2015 - London School of Economics and Political Science
  • 13 October 2015 – University College London
  • 15 October – Cambridge University
  • 21 October 2015 – Oxford University

In the meantime, please refer to our 2016 brochure for further details.

What Makes Us Unique

Heritage: With nearly 70 years of investment experience across multiple asset classes, sectors and geographies, we have a long and strong investment track record.

Expertise: Learn from some of the best investors in the mid-market Private Equity, Infrastructure and Debt Management industries.

Culture: With less than 300 people globally, we have a very strong collegiate culture; you will be an important member of the team and will get a great deal of early responsibility. We will support you throughout with industry training and mentoring from senior investment professionals. 

International approach: We have a network of nine offices across Europe, Asia and North America which work together to ensure that all of our people are international in experience and mindset. 

Who we're looking for

If you have a genuine interest in a career in the investment world, a 2:1 or above from a top university and at least 320 UCAS points (or international equivalent), you could be considered for the 3i Graduate Programme. 

You will also need;

  • an analytical mind, strong numerical ability and commercial acumen together with strong leadership, interpersonal and communication skills – ideally with language capabilities 
  • the ambition, talent and entrepreneurial flair to succeed in the investment world 
  • a strong work ethic, an eye for detail and the ability to perform well under pressure 
  • a genuine interest in finance and the investment industry in particular 

What development/training opportunities does 3i offer?

3i offers a broad range of training and development opportunities designed to maximise performance in current roles and develop potential.

We don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach to development and training. There are a wide range of roles within 3i and our experience is that individuals have very different needs. We do however believe very strongly that shared development experiences are a powerful element of our culture and add much to our team based approach to doing business.

So we use a variety of methods from formal work- based learning to externally run high level development programmes. These include coaching / mentoring, opportunities to work on interdisciplinary projects and virtual learning as well as more traditional skills and knowledge development experiences.

What opportunities are there for recent MBA graduates at 3i?

We view MBAs as strategic hires at senior associate level. Our senior associates are outstanding individuals from diverse backgrounds, with a proven track record of excellence at the top MBA schools from around the world together with typically 5 years’ experience in a blue-chip financial environment (e.g. investment banking, private equity house, accountancy, and consultancy). If this is you we would be very interested in hearing from you.

Where can I learn more about 3i?

Our corporate website 3i.com contains a wide range of detailed information about 3i's business, our performance and our approach to doing business. The media centre on 3i.com also provides latest news and interviews on key topics.

What happens if I am unsuccessful for a particular role at 3i however I want to be considered for further roles?

Your details will remain on our recruitment system for a period of 12 months and should your skill set match a future role, you will be contacted however please keep a eye on the career section on our company website as new roles are being posted all the time.